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Come and See - Year 4 Catechist's Manual - Parish Edition
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ISBN : 978-0-88997-421-0
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Product description

Come and See continues the theme of Church developed in Year 3. In this program, children meet the Lord Jesus through Gospel witnesses and explore what it means to be disciples of Jesus today. Just as the Gospels seek to present Jesus first of all as a proclamation or announcement of good news, so too the program retains this primary focus. Drawing from the four Gospels, it presents a rich variety of images of Jesus, so that the children may come to see how in Jesus the story of God-with-us is told. The content of Come and See is the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ as announced by the evangelists: Matthew,Mark, Luke and John. In ten units, the program explores different dimensions of this content.

The good news is our Lord Jesus Christ

Unit 1: handed on in the Church
Unit 2: inviting us to "come and see"
Unit 3: proclaiming God's kingdom
Unit 4: a light shining in the darkness
Unit 5: "born of a woman"
Unit 6: revelation of God's compassion
Unit 7: our way to the Father
Unit 8: giving his life for us
Unit 9: risen to reveal "our Lord and our God"
Unit 10: present in the power of the Holy Spirit

The Catechist's Manual comes in a three-ring binder with full-colour cover and spine, and features

  • 10 units, containing 30 sequential themes for the School Edition; 24-26 themes for the Parish Edition
  • introductory booklet, complete with
    • Scope and Sequence charts
    • Overview of the Program Components
    • Theological and Catechetical Orientations
    • Developmental Profile of the Child
  • excerpts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Years 2 to 6) pertinent to the lessons being taught, with further references for the catechist who wishes to explore subjects in greater detail 
  • comprehensive support materials, including
    • liturgical chart
    • looseleaf sections for engaging the family and the parish
    • music booklet containing original selections, some with gestures
    • a wealth of other materials, including blackline masters, bibliographies of children's literature and of adult catechetical resources
328 pages, 21.5 x 28 cm, three-hole punched, two colours throughout

Come and See - Year 4 Catechist's Manual - School Edition
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Come and See - Year 4 Compact Disc
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Come and See - Year 4 Student Book
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