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Christ and Culture - Year 10 Student Text
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ISBN : 978-0-88997-457-9
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Product description

The principal aim of Christ and Culture is to assist Grade 10 students, with the help of the Gospel, to participate as Christians in the shaping of our culture. The program explores major cultural issues from a Christological perspective.

Key features of the program

  • continuity with the Grade 9 program, Be With Me
  • numerous options to appeal to a wide range of learning styles and abilities
  • implications for Christian moral behaviour
  • exploration of who we are as Church
  • integrated student assessment tools
  • Canadian content, approved by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • strong connections with students' daily lives
  • accessible presentation of basic concepts
  • opportunities for discussion, research and inquiry
  • exploration of religious experience, expression and diversity
  • important place for the Scriptures and family life
  • connections with other disciplines

Contents Overview

Section 1: Christ and culture - Foundations
Aims: to name the principles that guide Catholics in understanding their role in shaping culture

Unit 1: To be human is.?
Unit 2: Who has culture?
Unit 3: The God question

Section II: Christ in Our Culture
Aim: to explore our culture in light of the principles established in Section I

Unit 4: Relating to oneself: Who am I?
Unit 5: Relating to the other: The voice of the other in me
Unit 6: Relating to civil society: Living together in solidarity
Unit 7: Relating to the Church: We are the Church
Unit 8: Relating to the world: Disciples and witnesses

Section III: Celebrating Christ in Our Culture
Aim: to pull together the year's work, and to celebrate Christ in our culture

Unit 9: Celebrating Christ in our culture

Durable Student Text

  • vivid and up-to-date
  • wide variety of visual components
  • appropriate language level

The Student Text is a hardcover, full-colour resource that features "Focus your learning" questions, key terms and definitions, concise and colourful presentation of content, discussion questions, stories, colourful graphics and photographs, and unit summaries.

240 pages, 19.5 x 21.5 cm, full colour throughout, sewn, hardcover, durable book.

Christ and Culture - Year 10 Teacher's Manual
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