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Parents - You,Your Children and their Catholic Faith - Leader's Manual
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Parents – You, Your Children and their Catholic Faith

Parents is a series of seven talks that is very flexible and can be used in several ways. It
addresses directly the relevance of Baptism, Reconciliation and Eucharist as opportunities
to build and nourish family life. The talks are a mixture of teaching and moving stories
which arouse and develop questions that can be discussed in small groups.

By using Scripture, doctrine and some contemporary spiritual writers, this series attempts
to relate the day-to-day challenge of parenthood with the guidance that the Church offers.
It is not a catechism or a summary of Catholic teaching and it does not assume that all the
parents are Catholics.

The set comprises two videos that cover the seven following talks by David Wells:

Talk 1: Who should be a parent?
Talk 2: Why bother with baptism?
Talk 3: Confession – do they still do that?
Talk 4: The Mass – do we need it?
Talk 5: How do children believe?
Talk 6: How can parents help?
Talk 7: Parents for life!

There is also a Leader’s Manual, subtitled Guilt-Free Parenting, which gives key points, scripture references, Catechism quotes, and questions for small group discussions.