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Lexicon: Debatable and Ethical Questions Regarding Family Life
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Code : 184-692
ISBN : 978-1-55922-050-7
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Pontifical Council for the Family

CCCB publications is delighted to make the Lexicon available in Canada. The Lexicon clarifies terms regarding family life and ethical questions that tend to change meanings depending on context and ideology. A clear understanding of terms is presented by more than 80 international experts from various fields in this compendium of articles. It is an invaluable aid for:

  • Pastors
  • Religious and pastoral workers
  • Educators
  • Politicians and legislators
  • Medical doctors
  • Philosophers and theologians
  • …and all who seek to defend the family from attacks, and promote life using solid evidence from different fields of knowledge

The Lexicon was first printed in Italian in March 2003, and now has reached several editions in Italian, Spanish, French (also available from the CCCB), Arabic, Portuguese, and German.

This text holds Catholic ideals up to truth’s light and defines them. It is a resource of great use to Catholics and pro-lifers everywhere.

946 pages, 24 x 16.5 cm, hardcover, gold lettering cover and spine, Human Life International

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