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Armour of Faith
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Code : 184-717R
ISBN : 978-0-88997-593-4
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Product description

A Catholic Handbook for Canadian Military Personnel
-This is a bilingual publication.

Here is a unique and prayerful way to support our troops:

With Amour of Faith: A Catholic Handbook for Canadian Military Personnel, we can pray for them and we can pray with them!

This “flip top” bilingual prayer book is designed specifically for use during deployment and was developed in close consultation with Canadian Forces Chaplains on active duty.

It includes:

        -General Prayers
        -Prayers of Military Personnel
        -Devotional Prayers
        -Sacrament of Reconciliation
        -Catechetical Instruction
        -What every Catholic should know
        -Anthems and Hymns
        -Remembrance Day prayers
        -Patron Saints of the Canadian Forces, and Pope Benedict XVI’s new Prayer for the Fallen in all Wars.
Armour of Faith is a book unlike any other, printed on waterproof, tear-proof,dirt-resistant material and adapted for ease of reading in poor lighting conditions.

It fits discretely into the front pocket of the Canadian Forces’ Operational Dress. The cover design uses the Canadian Disruptive Pattern – CADPAT™ – the official Canadian camouflage.

Through the generosity of the Knights of Columbus,Canadian troops will receive a free copy. Copies are also available for purchase through CCCB’s Publications. With Armour of Faith Canadians can showprayer-filled solidarity with our troops, no matter where they are deployed around the world.

84 pages, 15 x 10 cm, spiral bound fliptop, full-colour cover

Blessings and Prayers for Home and Family
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Catholic Prayers, Second Edition
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25+    $4.38

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Grant Us Peace
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