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One Love - A Pastoral Guide to the Order of Celebrating Matrimony
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ISBN : 978-0-81464-923-7
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by Paul Turner

The publication of the second edition of The Order of Celebrating Matrimony (coming soon in Canada) provides new liturgical and pastoral opportunities for presiders and parishes. In One Love, Fr. Paul Turner – one of the most reliable experts in Catholic liturgy today – provides sound guidance and instruction on the rite. Among the many important and practical topics he covers are:
  •  uses for the expanded introduction
  •  the location for the wedding
  •  the revised questions before the consent, the consent, and reception  of consent
  •  other wedding customs
  •  blessing of an engaged couple
  •  and more
One Love promises to be the go-to liturgical resource on Catholic weddings for years to come.

88 pages, 15 x 23 cm, paperback, Liturgical Press

A Marriage Sourcebook
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Guide for Celebrating® Matrimony
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Marriage in the Catholic Church: Frequently Asked Questions
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What Does Marriage Add to Your Love?
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