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Workbook for Lectors, Gospel Readers, and Proclaimers of the Word 2022, Canadian Edition
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Workbook for Lectors, Gospel Readers, and Proclaimers of the Word® provides the continuing instruction, advice, and support that readers need. It assists them in preparing their assigned reading on specific occasions, and when they read the resource every week as a way of reflecting on and learning about the Scriptures, it strengthens their proclamation skills and deepens their spiritual lives.

This resource contains the readings in large print for practice (with suggestions for emphasis in bold), commentaries that give background and explain the meaning of the reading, margin notes with pronunciation help and tips for proclamation, and the Responsorial Psalms for meditation and context. 
Workbook's introduction offers an orientation to this ministry of the Word and an overview of proclamation skills.

336 pages, 21 x 27.5 cm, paperback, Liturgy Training Publications/CCCB Publications

ORDO - Liturgical Calendar 2021-2022
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