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All Gathered Here: Celebrating the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy
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ISBN : 978-1-61671-177-1
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Viewers of this sixty-minute DVD will hear scholars and liturgists from across the United States tell the story of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, starting with those who paved the way for liturgical reform and continuing with the early implementation and today’s ongoing mining of the depths of the document.

All Gathered Here clearly show that the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy was not written in a vacuum. In this celebration of fifty years since the promulgation of the Constitution, Fr. Daniel P. Coughlin, the first director of the Office for Divine Worship for the Archdiocese of Chicago, looks back on the early days of the liturgical reform. Fr. Paul Turner, Mary Collins, OSB, and Fr. J. Michael Joncas, among others, discuss our encounter with the Paschal Mystery, the increased use of Scripture at Mass and its impact, and how the liturgy nourishes us for our work in the world.

All Gathered Here will enrich the understanding of the liturgy as the “summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; at the same time it is the fount from which all the Church’s power flows” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, 10).

DVD, 60 minutes

A Pastoral Commentary on Sacrosanctum Concilium: The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council
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Imbued with the Spirit of the Liturgy: Ten Insights from Vatican II’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy
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The 50th Anniversary of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy: A Parish Celebration
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ISBN : 978-1-61671-132-0
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The Second Vatican Council: What was it and why is it important today?
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50+         $12.75
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