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Forty Days and Forty Nights: A Lenten Ark Moving Toward Easter
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Code : ARK-000
ISBN : 978-1-56854-088-7
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art by Judy Jarrett

Count down the days of Lent aboard an ark with Noah's family and all the animals. The colourful 30cm by 30cm ark has windows and doors to open for each day of Lent and for the Three Days of the Easter Triduum. Open one window each day to discover who is on board and to find a citation from scripture where you can read more about the passengers. The accompanying booklet connects the animals on the ark to lenten values and provides guidance for daily prayer.

30 x 30 cm (flat), Liturgy Training Publications

Bible Stories for the Forty Days
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Code : ARK-BK0
ISBN : 978-1-56854-179-2
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Culte eucharistique en dehors de la messe
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Code : 181-085R
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