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A History of the Mass
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ISBN : 978-1-56854-656-8
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This bilingual DVD ( English and Spanish) traces the evolution of the Mass showing how the Mass was shaped and reshaped by times and cultures, by theologies and the arts. As you are drawn into this visual record of our past, you will also hear from witnesses along the way, people who got engaged in the conversation about the meaning and celebration of Sunday Mass. When the DVD ends, the conversation continues as you follow the discussion guide suggestions for conversation sparkers. This is a DVD for anyone interested in the history of the Mass and is especially useful for high school and college students, catechumens, campus ministry, liturgy committees, liturgical ministers, and members of parish and school staffs.

This DVD now provides users with access to English and Spanish subtitles, accessible through a DVD menu, and the discussion guide is now in PDF format, available on the DVD and on LTP's website.Two new features, gives you more for your money!

DVD, Liturgy Training Publications

Q and A: The Mass
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Sunday Morning (Paperback)
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