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Life in the Vine - The Joyful Journey Continues
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Code : CGS-LV0
ISBN : 978-1-61671-598-4
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The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is an approach to the religious formation of children that is grounded in an understanding and appreciation of the child’s relationship with God through their engagement with Scripture and liturgy.

In this companion to 
The Religious Potential of the Child 6-12 years old, author Rebekah Rojcewicz documents the decades of work and the journeys that catechists and older children, six to twelve years old, have made with Jesus the True Vine. For parents, catechists, and those who seek to take seriously Jesus’ challenge “to change and become like children” (Matthew 18:3), this book serves as an invitation to the same joyful journey.

112 pages, 20 x 25.5 cm, paperback, Liturgy Training Publications

A Is for Altar, B Is for Bible
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Code : ABC-D00
ISBN : 978-1-56854-458-8
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The Religious Potential of the Child - 6 to 12 Years Old, Second Edition
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The Religious Potential of the Child - Experiencing Scripture and Liturgy with Young Children, Third Edition
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ISBN : 978-1-61671-518-2
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