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Glorify the Lord by Your Life: Catholic Social Teaching and the Liturgy
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ISBN : 978-1-61671-569-4
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As Catholics, how are we called to make a difference in a world that can be difficult to understand? Every weekend, parishes across our global church welcome millions on their faith journeys to share joy, pain, fellowship, and understanding. Finding a way to guide congregations through economic, cultural, and political problems is critical. We may not know exactly how Jesus would have handled specific issues of today, but we can look to his actions, words, and spirit to give us guidance for challenging situations.

This resource provides a unique approach for understanding the important connection between the liturgy and the seven primary themes of Catholic social teaching. It will inspire you to deepen your relationship with God and with others, to become more aware of the needs of the world, and recommit yourself to live as Christ’s disciples in the world.

96 pages, 14 x 21 cm, paperback, Liturgy Training Publications

Liturgy with Style and Grace - Third Edition, Revised
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Principles of Sacred Liturgy - Forming a Sacramental Vision
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The Liturgy and Catholic Social Teaching: Participation in Worship and the World
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