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The Spirit of Celibacy
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Johann Adam Möhler, translated by Cyprian Blamires

"Johann Adam Möhler's spirited defense of clerical celibacy, now available for the first time in English, poses a welcome challenge to contemporary reflection. Möhler not only refutes the arguments in favor of clerical marriage; he also puts forward with passionate conviction his thesis that celibacy is a spiritual necessity for the priest." -Sara Butler, MSBT Professor, Dogmatic Theology St. Joseph's Seminary (Dunwoodie)

In 1828, theology professors in the German university city of Freiburg issued a provocative statement calling for the abolition of mandatory celibacy for Catholic priests. They advanced two arguments: 1) Celibacy is no longer up-to-date and 2) there is a pressing shortage of priests. A young Catholic theologian and priest, Johann Adam Möhler (1796-1838) responded with an article called "Illumination on a Memorandum Concerning the Elimination of Celibacy Prescribed for Catholic Priests." The consequence of Möhler's article was a dramatic rise in vocations to the priesthood. Young men of all walks of life rediscovered priesthood as a way of following Christ and making him present to others, and as an invitation to discover a spiritual life that affirms the beauty of this world.

This book is the first English translation of this classic work on celibacy and speaks well to modern day concerns about priestly celibacy and the shortage of priests. An insightful commentary by theologian and professor Dieter Hattrup of the University of Paderborn sheds more light into this discussion making this a wonderful addition to priestly formation, sacramental and Holy Orders courses or for anyone concerned about celibacy and the priesthood.

Johann Adam Möhler(1796-1838) was a professor of Church history, canon law and apologetics at Tübingen University. He developed an ecumenical sensitivity which led him to write the famous Symbolik, which catapulted him to academic prominence. He also wrote On the Unity of the Church (1825) and Athanasius the Great and the Church of His Time (1827). These three books rank him, along with Scheeben and Newman, among the greatest Catholic theologians of the 19th century.

196 pages, 15 x 23 cm, paperback, Liturgy Training Publications

Ever Ancient Ever New
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