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O Lord, Open My Lips: The Psalms in the Liturgy
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by Dianne Bergant, CSA

Scripture scholar Dianne Bergant, CSA takes us inside the psalms, helping us see how and why they serve the liturgy so well, giving the assembly a voice in their communal encounter with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit at every celebration. Grounding her exploration of the psalms in Pope Benedict’s Apostolic Exhortation, Verbum Domini, she goes on to explain the theology the psalms for the ancient people of Israel, the theology they express for Christians of our time, their role in the Mass, in the sacraments, in the Liturgy of the Hours, in noneucharistic liturgies, and in our individual spiritual practices, such as Lectio divina.

Dianne Bergant, a sister of the Congregation of Sisters of Saint Agnes, is the Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P.,Distinguished Professor Emerita of Old Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. She holds a PhD in Biblical Languages and Literature from St. Louis University, has served in the leadership of numerous academic Scripture associations, and is the author of many articles, chapters, and books, including: A New Heaven, A New Earth (Orbis Books, 2016), Genesis: In the Beginning (Liturgical Press, 2013), A Word for Every Season (B,C,A) (Paulist Press, 2008/2009/2010), Scripture (Engaging Theology: Catholic Perspectives) (Liturgical Press, 2008), and Israel Story (Part I and II), (Liturgical Press, 2006/2007), to name only a few.

This book will enrich all who love the psalms, especially psalmists and cantors, proclaimers of the Word and other liturgical ministers, Scripture sharing groups, and ministers of care.

128 pages, 13.5 x 21 cm, paperback, Liturgy Training Publications

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