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My Sacrifice and Yours: Our Participation in the Eucharist
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ISBN : 978-1-61671-180-1
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by Paul Turner

The Mass is the prayer of the Church.  It’s not just the prayer of the priest -- it is our prayer -- the prayer of the baptized people of God. As a baptized people, we share in the priestly ministry of Christ! As priestly ministers of Christ, we all share in his sacrifice and unite our sufferings and burdens with his every time we gather to offer prayer, praise, and thanksgiving to him at Mass.

In this short booklet, Paul Turner unpacks the meaning of the sacrifice of the Mass. In pastoral language, he explores more deeply how our participation in the Mass unites us to Christ. Through this guided reflection, we will become aware of the sacrifice Christ made for us, how we participate in this sacrifice each time we gather and participate in the Eucharistic mystery, and how we give back as his disciples.

This booklet may be used at any time during the liturgical year, but is extremely appropriate during the season of Lent. It may be used by parish worship teams to explore the nature of the Eucharist as sacrifice as a resource for adult formation sessions.

Each section in this booklet is concluded with questions for discussion and reflection questions which may be used in small or large group settings or for personal reflection.

This resource is perfect for:
  •  Clergy
  •  Lay ministers, and
  •  Members of your congregation
Each will benefit greatly from this pastoral exploration of the sacrificial participation in the Eucharist which is truly a priestly call from our shared Baptism.

32 pages, 11 x 13.5 cm, saddle-stitched, Liturgy Training Publications

At the Supper of the Lamb: A Pastoral and Theological Commentary on the Mass
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Preparing for Confession: Receiving God's Mercy
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