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The Church Alive Series (DVD)
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For many, Catholicism is a mere cultural label or ritual obligation. This begs the question: is Catholicism still relevant? Despite unprecedented advances in all areas of life, the fate of the human family hangs precariously in the balance. What does the Church have to say about economic upheaval, environmental devastation, or the double-edged sword of technological innovation? To many, the Catholic Church seems out of touch, always arriving late on the scene. But is this really the case? What accounts for its surprising resilience and persistent relevance?

Join Cheridan Sanders and Sebastian Gomes as they explore the Church’s mission to embrace the joys and hopes, grief and anguish of today’s world. By highlighting the broad and inclusive nature of Catholicism in its rich tradition and sharing stories of new evangelization in action, The Church Alive series inspires a new way of thinking about what it means to be Catholic today.

“Yes, the Church is Alive…and the Church is young” - Pope Benedict XVI 
Length: 328 mins + Promotional Videos (13 episodes)

Disc One
  • Episode 1: What is the New Evangelization (28 min)
  • Episode 2: Catholic Education (24 min)
Disc Two
  • Episode 3: The Media (25 min)
  • Episode 4: The Role of the Laity (24 min)
Disc Three
  • Episode 5: Social Justice (26 min)
  • Episode 6: Politics (24 min)
Disc Four
  • Episode 7: Ecclesial Movements (24 min)
  • Episode 8: Ecumenism (24 min)
Disc Five
  • Episode 9: Economics (24 min)
  • Episode 10: Interfaith/Religious Liberty (28 min)
Disc Six
  • Episode 11: The Consecrated Life (25 min)
  • Episode 12: The Environment (25 min)
Disc Seven
  • Episode 13: The Catholic Eastern Churches (27 min)
  • + promotional videos
7 DVD set, Salt + Light

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