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About OESS

The Ontario Educational Software Service offers quality educational software and CD-ROMs to Ontario public and separate school boards, First Nation education authorities, and publicly-funded university faculties of education. This software is recommended for licensing by the Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee (OSAPAC) and licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

OESS provides software for all subject areas and grade levels. Subjects include art, auto mechanics, business, calculus, chemistry, computer studies, decision-making, dissection, ecology, French, geography, geometry, health, history, jobsearch, language arts (reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation, writing skills) math, music, nutrition, physics, problem solving, science, social studies, technology, and trigonometry. Some software packages are interdisciplinary. OESS also offers keyboarding, word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, database, accounting, and telecommunications software to prepare students for the contemporary world of business.

About the Audience

This site is directed at two main audiences:

School board personnel (teachers, librarians, teaching assistants etc.) who would like to know who the O.E.S.S. representative is for their institution.
They should click on the Contact Search tab.

O.E.S.S. representatives who wish to submit order numbers for newly licensed CD-ROMs or DVDs or who wish to place orders for additional copies of previously shipped
products. A unique log on and password is required to access your educational site
information and order forms.